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The drought has persisted for several years and shows no signs of going away. It’s going to take real leadership to make the tough decisions necessary to protect our vital farmland and our families. As a city councilmember and county supervisor, Don advanced a surface water project to replace the largest unscreened intake on the Sacramento River and improve the source water quality for 120,000 people and downstream users.

  • Water Quality - Supervisor Saylor is working with the residents of North Davis Meadows and the Patwin Road Community to address rising levels of nitrites and new regulations regarding hexavalent chromium in their well water. 

  • Woodland-Davis Surface Water Agency – Don was a founding member of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency.  He began his service representing the City of Davis and continues to serve today on behalf of the County of Yolo.  The leadership overseeing this project grappled with difficult issues including acquisition of water rights, a partnership with RD 2035 for the joint construction and operation of a water intake structure, adoption of water rates, securing multiple funding sources, and most challenging – agreeing on a name!  After many years of collaborative efforts, residents in Davis, Woodland, and UC Davis will soon have clean and reliable drinking water. 


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