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Yesterday, January 6, 2022, marked the first anniversary of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol. Last night, I joined my friends, neighbors, and community partners for a "Day of Remembrance and Action" at Central Park in downtown Davis. The candlelight vigil gave us an opportunity to remember, highlighted the work that needs to be done to support our democracy, and called us all to action to demand policy change. I was honored to speak at the event. Here are the words I shared:

There are days stamped so deeply into our national consciousness that we need only mention them and a flood of emotion and memories are conjured. December 7, 1941; November 22, 1963; September 11, 2001. These days loom far larger than numbers on a calendar page.

Sadly, January 6, 2021 is now one of those dates. This day must live on in history. It is not simply a number on a page or a leaf on a tree.

It was a day when a mass of insurrectionists defiled the altar of our democracy. A phrase I think of often in these times is from The Federalist Papers -- "A BAD CAUSE SELDOM FAILS TO BETRAY ITSELF."

They came to a place where I have walked with my family, beholding the important monuments to the great moments in our nation's trajectory. I always walk with reverence in that place.

They came with hatchets, clubs, bear spray, tasers, guns, pikes, and makeshift weapons. They came with a gallows and a hangman’s noose. Many appeared disorganized, moved by the moment and the mob mentality -- though they all had been summoned. But far too many were fully equipped with tactical ge