Cannabis Conversations- Share your input on rules for the cannabis industry in Yolo County


Yolo County staff will soon host conversations throughout the County seeking feedback on a proposed cannabis land-use ordinance. We are seeking feedback on topics such as –

  • What zoning districts are appropriate locations for outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation? Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial zones? What about for greenhouse cultivation? For cultivation indoors?

  • Should we allow other value-added processing, such as manufacturing, to co-locate with cultivation sites and keep those revenues in Yolo County?

  • Should existing farmers in Yolo County be eligible for “cottage cultivation licenses” to grow a small amount of commercial cannabis on their land and offer their farms greater financial stability?

  • If a parcel is deemed to be a good location for cannabis cultivation and supporting activities, does it make sense to co-locate multiple grow sites? How many?

  • Should there be a minimum parcel size for cannabis activities?

  • Should there be a limit on the number of licensed cannabis activities within a geographic area?

  • What water supply and energy efficiency measures should be considered?

  • Should there be standard buffer zones established or shall they be on a case-by-case basis?

While these meetings are intended to seek input for the upcoming cannabis land-use ordinance, it is also an opportunity to ask questions and share your perspectives on other aspects for this newly regulated industry.

All of these meetings are open to the public. I will attend the meetings in West Davis and in the City of Winters. If you can’t join a meeting, feedback can be emailed to