Join me in Supporting the End Hunger Yolo Capital Campaign

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Wondered where you will get your next meal? Watched your parent struggle to stretch a meal to feed a household of hungry stomachs?

The State of California is the sixth largest economy in the world. The Agriculture and Food industry in Sacramento Region generates more than $7.2 billion in direct economic impact in production, distribution, processing, and support activities. Yolo County’s top industry is agriculture and is the “farm” to the region’s “farm-to-fork” branding. Our climate, soil, water availability, skilled farmers, and leading agricultural scientists make this one of the world’s leading food producing regions. Despite the abundance of agriculture and food in our community, 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 5 children are food insecure in Yolo County. Doesn’t this make you mad?

I have dedicated my professional and personal life to public service, partially driven by my own childhood experiences. Lifting people out of poverty has been a centerpiece of my work. From advocating for living wages, to raising funds for programs serving our hungry community members, to delivering food with Meals on Wheels, to connecting eligible residents with food assistance services – I will never stop helping those who are hungry or in need.

Combating hunger is a hefty challenge, yet it is one we must continue to focus on together. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but I have witnessed the good that can come when we all do our part and work together to improve our community. That’s why I’m delighted to support the Yolo Food Bank’s End Hunger Yolo Capital Campaign.

The Yolo Food Bank has actively worked to end hunger in Yolo County for over 45 years. Each year thanks to countless volunteers they distribute about 4 million pounds of produce and grocery items to our children, seniors and families. Yet, this valuable organization in our community has outgrown their original facilities and are in need of our help to expand.

With your help, the new Yolo Food Bank facility will allow them to better serve the people in our community and transform lives. The new facility will incorporate a kitchen which will allow our clients to gain skills in food preservation techniques, training in how to turn excess food into healthy meals and certification in the culinary arts. With expanded cold storage we can provide more fresh local fruits and vegetables to clients and reduce food waste. This will truly be a center of innovation providing us with the tools to combat food insecurity.

Our investment as a community in this new facility will leave a positive impact on many lives now and in the years to come. Please join me and consider making a tax-deductible donation at Remember that our work today to end hunger in Yolo County will yield rewards for generations to come.