Update on Commercial Cannabis Ordinance

At the September 12th Board meeting the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to move forward with developing a cannabis tax proposal for the June 2018 election. I see value in a thoughtfully developed cannabis tax measure. I voted against the motion because I prefer the Board to first conduct a robust discussion in a public setting to agree on the framework and policy options to be considered with a new tax measure.

In addition, the Board recommended the following changes to the interim medical cannabis cultivation ordinance:

  • Fencing - Shift from a mandated requirement to in the future be at the discretion of the County.

  • Tribal Land 1,000 foot setback - Clarify this only applies to lands held in trust.

  • Cultivation Licenses - Require license to be prominently displayed at the cultivation site.

  • Collocation - Will consider allowing up to two licensed cultivators for parcels 40 acres or greater.

  • License Transfers - Under the interim ordinance licenses will remain non-transferable and cannot be sold.

The Board also voted to move forward with a pilot program which would include up to two medical cannabis nurseries and up to two drying/hand trimming facilities. County staff will work on developing the application requirements, for more information click here to read the staff report. Applicants for the pilot program will be rated on a point system similar to an RFP process and will be subject to a land-use permitting process and an environmental review process.

Stay tuned for more information, as county staff plan to return before the Board during the following dates to review and modify the interim ordinance:

October 10th, 2017- Staff will bring recommendations to the Board regarding buffers to residences, cities and towns as well as residential areas.

October 24th, 2017- The Board will have its first reading of the amended interim ordinance.

November 7th, 2017- The Board will have its second reading of the amended interim ordinance.

To watch the Board discussion, click here.

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