Yolo County Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation to Continue with Modifications

On August 1st the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 for staff to continue the medical cannabis commercial cultivation program. I voted yes to continue to support the program and Superivsor Rexroad voted no as he believes that the cannabis industry should be an unregulated industry like other agricultural products in Yolo County. County staff will present a detailed proposal with the recommended modifications to the Board at the September 12th meeting.

The proposal will include:

  • Modifications to the existing interim ordinance, including appropriate buffers from cultivation sites, clarifying greenhouse requirements, a process to transfer cannabis cultivation licenses to more appropriate cultivation sites as needed, and additional enforcement provisions;

  • Shifting the program from a business license process to a land use approach where applications are considered by the Planning Commission;

  • A proposed pilot program to issue a limited number of business licenses for nurseries and drying/hand-trimming facilities; and

  • The next steps to place a cannabis business tax measure on the June 2018 ballot.

I appreciate the members of the public who shared their perspective at the board meeting and through email in advance of the meeting. As always, I learned new aspects of this topic. It also reinforced the strong need for county staff and elected leaders to engage in more dialogue and conversations with the community to better understand what works for Yolo County.

I look forward to additional community engagement on this topic. Together we can determine the best solutions for public safety, public health, safe access to medicinal cannabis, and supporting a healthy cannabis economy.