Yolo County Board of Supervisors Support Statewide Propositions that Fund Schools and Reduce Tobacco

Of the 17 propositions California voters will consider in the November 8th election, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors took positions on three measures:

  • Proposition 55 – SUPPORT. This measure extends an existing tax on high income earners to help fund education. The Yolo County Office of Education and Winters Joint Unified School District are in support of this measure. Supervisor Saylor supports this proposition because it will prevent Yolo County local educational agencies from losing approximately $39.6M in funding annually.

  • Proposition 56 – SUPPORT. This measure increases tax on tobacco products by $2.00. Revenue will support health care for low-income Californians. The Yolo County Public Health Officer supports this measure. Supervisor Saylor voted in support as it aligns with other efforts to reduce use of tobacco and its harmful impacts. The revenue generated could support where the County is experiencing funding reductions.

  • Proposition 57 – OPPOSE. This measure allows early parole consideration for nonviolent felons and is expected to increase county costs of a few million dollars annually. The Yolo County District Attorney and Sheriff oppose this measure given its potential to impact AB 109 prisoners and effectively create an unfunded mandate to hold parole hearings. Supervisor Saylor finds this proposition very complex, and while he is supportive of reducing the number of prisoners in incarceration, he is concerned about the impacts of additional criminal justice reform while the county is in the midst of implementing existing reforms in response to AB 109 and Proposition 47.

The Board voted on measures that may impact Yolo County operations or residents.