Expanding Transit Access in Yolo County

On September 27th we opened a new bus stop at the Yolo County Day Reporting Center (DRC) on Gibson Road in Woodland. This is the manifestation of an important need identified by community members to improve services offered by the Yolo County Transportation District (Yolobus). The DRC provides a range of services to individuals under community supervision by the Yolo County Probation Department. Now DRC clients can easily access the DRC by bus for training, education, therapy and other programs at this location without walking onto the nearby campus of Woodland Community College.

Yolobus deploys 39 buses each day that take people to work, school, and other locations. These buses cover more than 6,000 miles daily. The Yolo County Transportation District is always looking for ways to make those trips more safe and efficient.

Yolobus Route 214 will go by the new Day Reporting Center bus stop 12 times each weekday. The location now has concrete pads for boarding and letting off passengers, including those using mobility devices like wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. The bus shelter has solar powered lighting, a bench, a display case and soon will have a bike rack.

Establishing a new bus stop is not a simple task. Thanks to a collaborative effort among six organizations, the community will be better served by the public transportation system. Supervisor Saylor said, “As 2016-17 Chair of the Board of Directors of the Yolo County Transportation District, I am delighted with this additional service”.