Board of Supervisors Adopts Final Budget for 2016-17

At their September 27th meeting, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors adopted the final Yolo County Budget for fiscal year 2016-17. This is a balanced budget, closely aligned with the June preliminary budget. While the new positions recommended in June have been approved, no additional positions were added at this time. The general reserve has reached the requisite five percent. Click here to watch the discussion.

Included in this budget is allocation of funds for the Rural Initiatives program. This program helps advance unaddressed programs, policies and initiatives in rural unincorporated areas. Approved funding includes: expansion of the rural 211 Fresh Text program; electric speed signs for Dunnigan to promote safety along Road 99; acquiring an emergency backup generator for Madison’s water and sewage systems in case of a large power outage; cleanup of dangerous tree overgrowth along Netherlands Road in Clarksburg; and the opening of an Esparto preschool and childcare center.

The Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) is working on a plan to reduce reliance on reserve funding. They have reduced expenses by nearly $3 million, largely by defunding vacant positions. There is concern that funding cuts from the State will result in longer wait times and lower service quality. Supervisor Saylor believes HHSA provides vital services and he is committed to supporting HHSA address these constraints.

The approved budget allocated investments from the Pomona Annuity Fund in several vital nonprofits in Yolo County. This year’s allocations include $100,000 for the Yolo Crisis Nursery, $102,000 for the Family Justice Center, $50,000 for the Yolo Food Bank, and $48,700 for Yolo Arts. Following a motion by Supervisor Saylor, the Board approved an additional $20,000 to support the Yolo Arts Veterans and Probation programs.