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Status of Yolo County's Office of Refugee Resettlement Placements

Since 2008, Yolo County has had a contract with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to provided services for up to 24 youth. These kids are described as unaccompanied minors. To be placed here they must meet criteria of committing a crime unrelated to their immigration status or be found to be dangerous to others in less secure setting. None of the youth now placed at the Yolo County Juvenile Hall are kids separated from their families due to this horrific current practice. We are monitoring the placements. Yolo County has the authority to reject placements if we believe they are unsuited for the program, which we have done in the past. Please see below Yolo County’s full statement on

Donate food at the Davis Farmers Market

Friends, I'm very excited to announce a wonderful collaboration between the Yolo Food Bank and the Davis Farmers Market to help end student hunger! A few years back, Farmers Market vendors donated their excess produce at the end of the Market to a local non-profit. Logistical challenges ended that connection. At the most recent meeting of the Yolo Food Connect, Randii MacNear asked for the group to help reinstate food recovery at the Davis Farmers Market. We got together. We learned that UC Davis students and the Yolo Food Bank have shared interests and resources. Saturday marked the first day of the Yolo Food Bank collecting food at the Davis Farmers Market and delivering it to the Solano P

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