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Helping Homeless Residents In Yolo County

From those sleeping in business entryways, to those that are hopeful they will be selected in the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter nightly lottery drawing, to those who are working low-wage jobs and are one missed paycheck away from eviction, or students who can't piece together the funds for rent, homelessness has many faces in our community. The Board received an update on April 25th from Tracey Dickinson, the Homeless Program Coordinator with Yolo County Health and Human Services, on county efforts to alleviate homelessness in Yolo County. According to the Yolo County Homeless Count 2017 Report (hyperlink to report), there are roughly 459 homeless individuals* in Yolo County. This numb

Child Welfare Services

At the Yolo County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 25th we continued the discussion of how to best support children in our child welfare system. We know that we have a permanency issue, where Yolo County ranks #48 among California Counties, or an average of 3 years for a child in Yolo County to be placed into a permanent home. This is not okay. In addition to this we have a caseload issue, where each attorney carries a tremendous overburden of 250-300 cases. And finally, we are undeserved when it comes to having effective support resources for families in regard to social services care like the Yolo CASA program. To address concerns of extended time until permanency, the Boa

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