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Join me in Supporting the End Hunger Yolo Capital Campaign

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Wondered where you will get your next meal? Watched your parent struggle to stretch a meal to feed a household of hungry stomachs? The State of California is the sixth largest economy in the world. The Agriculture and Food industry in Sacramento Region generates more than $7.2 billion in direct economic impact in production, distribution, processing, and support activities. Yolo County’s top industry is agriculture and is the “farm” to the region’s “farm-to-fork” branding. Our climate, soil, water availability, skilled farmers, and leading agricultural scientists make this one of the world’s leading food producing regions. Despite the abundance of agricu

Services coming to Davis

Friends, After a lengthy assessment of the social services and health needs of the Davis area, careful and deliberate planning, and analysis of the physical limitations of existing facilities, I’m delighted to announce that construction will soon begin at 600 A Street in Davis to bring more County services to those living in or near the City of Davis. This will allow the over 10,000 Davis residents currently travelling to nearby cities for county programs to soon access health, employment and social services locally. By July 2018 the new Davis Health and Human Services Center will offer: Employment Center: Customers can engage with county staff for assistance with employment, training and e

Update on Commercial Cannabis Ordinance

At the September 12th Board meeting the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to move forward with developing a cannabis tax proposal for the June 2018 election. I see value in a thoughtfully developed cannabis tax measure. I voted against the motion because I prefer the Board to first conduct a robust discussion in a public setting to agree on the framework and policy options to be considered with a new tax measure. In addition, the Board recommended the following changes to the interim medical cannabis cultivation ordinance: Fencing - Shift from a mandated requirement to in the future be at the discretion of the County. Tribal Land 1,000 foot setback - Clarify this only applies to lands held in

Help Support SB 54, the California Values Act

Friends, I’ve asked the Board of Supervisors to adopt a support position at our September 12th Board Meeting for Senate Bill 54 (SB 54), the California Values Act. The Federal Administration’s decision this week to discontinue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months created a need to reach out to individuals affected by this action. Some are helping with DACA renewal paperwork. Others are offering emotional support. I feel the need to advocate for continuation of the DACA program and other supportive policies. The young people who have been accepted into the DACA program have done everything they can to be upstanding citizens. They have completed background

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