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Supporting Yolo's Farm Workers -- AB1066

California provides over half of America's fresh produce. Much of this produce is grown right here in Yolo County. Each season, a team over 6,000 hardworking farm workers harvest the crops grown in Yolo's rich soil. Ironically, according to a recent study from the California Institute for Rural Studies, the same Yolo County workers who harvest our county's bounty are often unable to afford the next meal for their family. These workers are at serious risk of hunger, diet-related chronic diseases, unsafe living and working conditions and inadequate access to health care. Marcos Breton at the Sacramento Bee did a great overview of this issue here. AB1066, “The Phase In Overtime for Agricult

Oil-By-Rail: Working to Keep Our Communities Safe

Nearly 500,000 residents of the Sacramento region are within the blast zone of an oil train explosion. Pending projects in the City of Benicia and San Luis Obispo County would increase the amount of crude oil transported by rail through the Sacramento region. One project would bring 70,000 barrels of crude oil shipped in two daily 50-car trains through sensitive habitat and urban areas, including the cities of Roseville, Sacramento, West Sacramento and Davis. In Davis alone, all of the downtown area, most of the UC Davis campus and hundreds of homes, apartments and businesses are located in the danger zone. Through my roles as Yolo County Supervisor and as the Past Chair of the Sacramento A

Clean Water for Davis & Woodland

On July 29, I was honored to speak at the dedication ceremony of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency's Regional Water Treatment Facility -- the culmination of over 20 years of work! I am proud to be a part of the team who made this happen! One of the most critical matters facing our region has been the long-term provision of safe, reliable water for municipal use. A safe, diverse, reliable water supply is critical for public health, economic viability and vitality of our communities, protection of environmental resources, and the health of our agriculture industry. Over two decades ago, our predecessors determined that the best way to secure long-term water supply and quality was to obta

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