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Our healthcare system leaves too many behind. We need bold action to expand access to health care in rural communities and to ensure that no family is unable to obtain health insurance regardless of their immigration status.  As County Supervisor, Don Saylor Chaired the Future of the Safety Net Committee and serves as liaison to the Health Council and the Local Mental Health Board. He was a champion for assuring that all Yolo County children are insured, revamping ambulance services to reduce wait times, expanding health coverage for low-income families, providing health care in rural settings, implementing mental health service improvements, and improving vaccination rates and oral health programs.  Highlights of successful efforts include:


  • Expanding Health & Human Services - In late 2014, the County opened a Health and Human Services Center in the City of Winters. This enables nearby residents to access health, employment and social services locally rather than an hour long bus ride.  In 2015 Supervisor Saylor worked with Jill Cook and County Medical Services Program (CMSP) to expand health coverage for undocumented residents in 35 counties, including Yolo County. 


  • Tobacco – In 2015 the Board of Supervisors took action to protect public health by banning electronic cigarette use in locations where smoking of traditional cigarettes is prohibited.  Youth smoking rates have tripled in Yolo County since the introduction of e-cigarettes.  Don is pursuing regulations on the marketing and sale of flavored tobacco products to address the increase in youth use of tobacco products. 


  • Indigent Health Care - As the Board of Supervisors Liaison to the Health Council and Chairman of the Future of the Safety Net Committee Don supported the implementation of the Low Income Health Program in Yolo County, effective July 1, 2012.  This program expanded the range of services available and expanded the insured population from 1200 to about 2400 with no added cost to the County. 


  • Ambulance Services – Responding to concerns about response time and accountability, in his role as the Yolo County representative on the Board of the Sierra/Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Authority, Don asked that an assessment of ambulance services be conducted. Based on the results, Yolo County withdrew from SSV and formed a separate ambulance authority.  For the first time in decades, an ambulance is stationed in the City Winters and response times dropped from over 18 minutes to about 3 minutes.


  • Mental Health – As the Board of Supervisors Liaison to the Local Mental Health Board, Don encouraged and supported the development of a strategic plan for this Board.  In addition, Don supported Yolo County becoming the third California County to implement Laura's Law, playing an important part in the mental health continuum of care.  Outcomes have been positive with more than 90-percent satisfaction rating, 50-percent decrease in emergency interventions, 67-percent decrease in psychiatric hospital days and an 88-percent decrease in homeless days among individuals treated through the program.


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