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Economy & Jobs

Yolo County possesses immense assets, including talented and dedicated people; a world class university; superb climate, soil and water for a vibrant agricultural economy and proximity to great cities; and access to rail, road and waterways.  By partnering with neighboring jurisdictions we will strengthen our regional economy and leverage our unique place in the global economy, support the middle-class, encourage small business growth, and invest in a workforce for the future.


We have a diverse and strong economy that serves many of us well, but too many are getting left behind. We need to level the playing field and work to make sure that everybody can prosper as we move forward. To Don, that means fighting for working families and supporting a higher minimum wage, working to achieve equal pay for equal work, ensuring that absolutely no child or family goes hungry and protecting worker rights.


Following are some of the highlights of our work to date to champion job creation and expand economic opportunities in Yolo County.


  • County and Regional Economic Development - Don has been active in the economic development efforts of the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council, the Metro Chamber, the Next Economy coalition, and the Designing a Sustainable and Innovative Davis Economy (DSIDE), an initiative launched by then Davis Chamber of Commerce President Bill Alger and Don, as Mayor of Davis, in 2010.


  • Yolo County Airport - As a member of the Board of Supervisors County Facilities Committee, Don has participated in ongoing discussions about the potential economic development of the Yolo County Airport located on County Road 95.  Within five miles of UC Davis, this airport is already the home of a world class aircraft service company and several other businesses.


  • Workforce Improvement Board - The WIB serves as the oversight and policy body to direct Yolo County’s job development, career preparation and placement services.  As the Board of Supervisors’ liaison to this group, Don has supported the ongoing efforts of WIB to assist Yolo residents in their job searches and to assist Yolo businesses in recruitment and training.


  • Farmworker Overtime Act - Don actively supported Assembly Bill 1066 “The Phase In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act of 2016” that will make farm workers eligible for overtime pay if they work more than an eight-hour day or 40 hours a week.  As a Yolo County Supervisor Don has focused on equitable access to healthy food and affordable housing for all residents, including our farm worker population.  Appropriately compensating our farm workers helps combat hunger and other aspects of poverty.  It is way past time to provide farm workers access to the same overtime rules and wage protections that other workers in the food supply chain receive.  It’s a matter of justice and equality. 


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