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North Davis Meadows and Other Communities

The residents of Yolo County care deeply about environmental justice, conservation, open space preservation, and fighting climate change.  Don Saylor believes that stewardship of the environment is not a standalone issue, but one that impacts all facets of public policy – health, public safety, job creation, education, and quality of life.  We are compelled by good management practice and the necessities of the times to be vigilant in our financial management of the public’s money.  That’s why Don seeks to find creative solutions to our environmental challenges.


Here are some examples of Don’s environmental stewardship efforts underway.


  • Community Choice Energy Aggregation (CCE) - In 2012, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors adopted a Climate Action Plan that relies primarily on the formation of a Countywide Community Choice Energy Aggregation program to purchase and possibly generate energy that has a lower carbon footprint than currently used.  In 2016 the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the Davis City Council voted unanimously to create a joint CCE program. The purpose of CCE is to offer residents greater freedom of choice in selecting their energy sources in the hopes of lowering energy costs for consumers and greenhouse emissions for the environment.  Don serves on the subcommittee to launch this new and important initiative.


  • Oil-by-Rail – Don supports the safety of our communities and sensitive habitat by working to require stronger rail car safety standards and stabilization of crude oil at the source as a condition of any crude-oil-by rail proposals that endanger our communities and put families at risk.  Don has been a vocal leader with Yolo County and SACOG, providing comments on the environmental impact reports for projects that would transport significantly more crude oil by rail through the Sacramento Region where nearly one-quarter of the region's population live within a half-mile of these shipments. 


  • Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District - Don is a member and past Chair of the AQMD Board of Directors. The AQMD is responsible for regulating stationary air pollution sources and engaged in ongoing monitoring of air quality, allocating clean air funds to worthy projects, assessing policies on such topics as off road vehicles like tractors, and assisting local businesses in meeting state and federal emissions standards.


  • Yolo Habitat Conservation Joint Powers Authority - Don is a member and past Chair of the Habitat JPA, responsible to prepare an integrated habitat conservation plan for all of Yolo County. This plan is essential to direct the patterns of mitigation that may be otherwise imposed by state or federal agencies or other entities.  Supervisor Saylor worked with the Yolo Habitat Conservancy to develop the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP) plan to establish a framework to protect, enhance, and restore natural resources across Yolo County while allowing for continued rural and urban development in the region.  In 2015, the Conservancy released the 2nd Administrative draft of the complete plan.


  • Berryessa/Snow Mountain National Conservation Area - Don sponsored a resolution by the Board of Supervisors to support federal legislation to establish a NCA in our own wild area just west of Winters. The Berryessa Snow Mountain NCA preserves the natural landscape, offers recreational opportunities, and brings the potential for economic development to nearby communities, such as the City of Winters.


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