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The American Rescue Plan (ARP) is a federal stimulus plan approved by the Congress of the United States and President Biden that provides $350 billion of stimulus funding to State and Local Governments out of the $1.9 trillion bill. The share received by Yolo County is approximately $42.8 million. To learn more about the American Rescue Plan at the federal level, click hereMore information about the American Rescue Plan in Yolo County is available here.

U.S. Treasury Eligible Uses for ARP Funds:

  • Support public health expenditures, by, for example, funding COVID-19 mitigation efforts, medical expenses, behavioral healthcare, and certain public health and safety staff.

  • Address negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency, including economic harms to workers, households, small businesses, impacted industries, and the public sector.

  • Replace lost public sector revenue, using this funding to provide government services to the extent of the reduction in revenue experienced due to the pandemic.

  • Provide premium pay for essential workers, offering additional support to those who have and will bear the greatest health risks because of their service in critical infrastructure sectors.

  • Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure, making necessary investments to improve access to clean drinking water, support vital wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, and to expand access to broadband internet.

The Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved the following principles to guide the expenditures of ARP funds:

  • One-Time Funding – there is no expectation that these funds would recur in the future and they shall be treated as one-time funds rather than to fund ongoing commitments.

  • Nexus to Pandemic – to comply with the restrictions on funding, a nexus to the pandemic should be clearly demonstrated. That may be:

    • Pre-existing Gaps – circumstances that existed prior to the pandemic but the impacts or negative outcomes are exacerbated by the pandemic.

    • Direct Impacts – things that are necessary to respond to the present and immediate impacts associated with the pandemic. This may be characterized as disaster response.

    • Recovery – items that improve or accelerate the recovery from COVID-19 for the County and its citizens or better prepare the County against future disasters.

  • Needs Based/Data Informed – projects and programs funded by ARP should contain a demonstrated need and available data must be provided to properly align the funding with the need.

  • Maximize Opportunity – Yolo County should partner, to the extent possible (with cities, state, or other agencies), to create or support broader regional programs to stretch the impact of County funding.

  • Avoid Duplication – significant disaster funding has been approved at the State and Federal Level. The County should not duplicate funding unless the need shows current funding is inadequate to meet that need.

  • Prioritize Transformational Projects – Yolo County should prioritize projects or programs that may be transformational in solving challenges or improving its ability to serve constituents.

  • Linkage to the Strategic Plan - Yolo County should accelerate goals included in the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan that have a nexus to COVID-19 and are appropriate to fund. 

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