Dear Friends,


It is a great honor and privilege to represent the people of Yolo County in District 2.  Our District includes the City of Winters, UC Davis, a portion of the City of Davis, North Davis Meadows, the Binning Tract and the surrounding agriculture land.


My commitment to public service spans over 40 years, including service as a local elected official for the past 20 years.  I believe we are all connected.  While we all have different life experiences, we are all threads in the fabric of our community.


The threads of my life have allowed me to make a difference.  Growing up in rural Wyoming, I witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by those living and working in poverty.  I also experienced the strength and resilience of a community when many hands come together.  My worldview continued to develop as I studied at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan taught me the foundations of life as a public servant – to set an example, do what is right, and include those different from ourselves.  I carried these lessons with me to the City of Davis where I became involved in our children’s education leading to service as a Trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District, Mayor and City Council Member for the City of Davis, and now as Yolo County Supervisor.


The experiences and people who have woven in and out of my life inspire me to serve others and help our community.  I am committed to food security, youth development, education and preschool, living wages and a path to the middle class, mental health treatment, affordable housing, child abuse and family violence prevention, health care, planned parenthood, dignity for the homeless and downtrodden, fairness and giving voice for every person, and to so many causes that can be traced to the life of my mother and my experiences as a child.


You can read more about the issues I care about here.  To me these aren’t simply talking points.  Each of these issues are deeply personal. They impact friends. Family. Each of us in one way or another.


I am proud of the work we have done together for our community, county and region.  At each step along the way, I have gained valuable perspectives, worked hard to add value and built long lasting partnerships.  I look forward to continuing to learn and partner with each of you to help all residents thrive.


My office and I are here to serve you.  Please let me know how we can help you!


In shared service,


Don Saylor

Don Saylor

Yolo County Supervisor, District 2