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The Yolo County Board of Supervisors recently adopted a resolution recognizing September 2013 as Food Literacy Month.  In conjunction with this month-long recognition and Sacramento's Farm to Fork efforts during the week of September 21-28, Yolo Food Connect and other Yolo County partners have organized a series of activities throughout the month of September. 

These Farm to EVERY Fork activities highlight the legacy and diversity of agriculture in Yolo County and  provide an opportunity for us all to increase our  understanding of food security and hunger in our area.  This is an exciting time for our region.  Please join us in participating in this month long series of events and activities. 

Click here to view the Farm to Every Fork Calendar.


Farm to Every Fork Speaker Series:

Click here to see Tom Tomich's presentation on Sustainable Food Systems.

Click here to see Jessica Bartholow's presentation on Hunger Amidst Plenty.




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