Thank You Letter for Soup's On!

Dear Don—

Our deepest thanks for choosing the Elderly Nutrition/Meals on Wheels Program of Yolo County as the benefit charity for this year’s Soup’s On event.  It was a wonderful evening of community coming together in support of a program that fulfills such a great need for our elderly neighbors.
We prepare 350-400 hot, nutritious lunches daily for Yolo County seniors.  Meals are served at our four congregate sites in Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland and Winters, or delivered to homebound seniors from those sites.  The proceeds from Soup’s On will enable us to continue this program, when so many other senior meal programs have had to drastically cut, or eliminate their programs entirely.  Soup’s On has helped to build awareness of our program and communicate that our continued success is directly related to the generosity of time and financial support by our community.
Don, we are so honored to have been chosen as the beneficiary of proceeds from this event, and we are so grateful for the promise that it brings to our organization.  Congratulations on your 10th year of Soup’s On, and our warm thanks.
Christi Skibbins
Executive Director
Elderly Nutrition Program/Meals on Wheels Program of Yolo County

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Neighborhood Court

At the January 14th Board of Supervisors meeting, Chair Don Saylor honored District Attorney Jeff Reisig, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Bulkeley and numerous volunteers for the creation of the Neighborhood Court program in Davis.

Neighborhood court focuses on restorative justice, bringing the offender back into the community by focusing more on the social harms caused by the offense rather than the crime itself. The program focuses on lower level crimes and only certain offenses and offenders are eligible.

Over 73 volunteers are trained to staff the panels and moderate the conferences between the victim and offender. Ultimately Neighborhood Court is a process that has potential for the victim, the offender and the community to communicate directly with each other in a safe environment and work on repairing the harm in a way that will allow all the parties to move forward in a positive direction as equal members of our community.

Over the course of the program more than 150 offenders have had conferences. 114 of those have completed the program, 37 are pending completion and only two have failed. The success of Neighborhood Court has spurned growth of the program into West Sacramento, where Yolo County is looking to take it next.  

Neighborhood court reflects Yolo County’s commitment to communities and will continue to provide a source of healing where it is needed most. 

Click here for more information about Neighborhood Court including how to volunteer!

By: Steve Rea
      Assistant Deputy to Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor

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Exciting News for Yolo County Mental Health Services!

Recently, the Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health was selected to receive a $1.7 million grant that will be distributed over a four year period. As a credit to this county department their proposal was awarded a score of 960/1000, the highest score in the state!

The proposal was submitted in order to fund crisis personnel, including clinicians and peer counselors to provide services in the community. Yolo County is looking to place clinical staff with Law Enforcement Officers when they are called on crisis calls. Peer counselors will be placed throughout the community to provide support following a crisis, which will include assistance engaging in a crisis plan, navigating the system of services and supporting recovery needs.

Implementation of this funding is expected not only to provide much needed crisis help in the community but also to reduce costs by providing alternatives to seeking treatment in an emergency room, hospital or jail.  

By: Steve Rea
      Assistant Deputy to Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor

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Soup's On Beneficiaries-Together We Have Made a Difference Over the Years!

The 2009 beneficiary of Soup’s On was Tuleyome, a nonprofit organization which seeks to protect the wild and agricultural heritages of various counties in northwestern California. With the money that Tuleyome raised through Soup’s On, the organization was able to start a Youth Outdoor Exploration program, which teaches youth to protect the land and resources around them. The Youth Outdoor Exploration program takes local youth groups on trips to a variety of farms, natural areas, and outdoor recreation sites. Currently, Tuleyome is working with Congressman Mike Thompson and Senator Barbara Boxer to turn 350,000 acres of federal public land in the Berryessa Snow Mountain region into a National Conservation Area. The program works with volunteers, lawmakers, and citizens to give everyone access to the outdoors. 

Interfaith Rotating Shelter
The 2010 benefit for the Interfaith Rotating Shelter served pie instead of soup!  This organization has always been entirely volunteer and funded from private donations. They were thrilled to get the donation along with all the fun and support felt by the community.  They have since grown to provide shelter and meals for 25-40 individuals each night for the 15 weeks of winter.  More than 15 congregations support the cause and now have a internship program with both UC Davis and the Davis high schools. 

Suicide Prevention
Due to the 2010/11 cuts in financial support, Suicides Prevention's crisis line had lost $30,000.  Soup’s On, combined with other fundraising activities, allowed them to continue to provide this essential service to those in need. In that year, their suicide prevention crisis line answered over 4,800 calls from people in distress.  In the past 6 months, their 24-hour crisis lines has received over 3,000 calls – an increase of over 25%. Soup's On helped preserve this safety net that provides the citizens of Yolo County a critical and life-saving service.  

Foster & Kinship Care Education
In 2012, Soup’s On raised money for the Woodland Community College Yolo County Foster and Kinship Care Education, an organization which provides the public with free classes and workshops on childcare. The organization mostly focuses on providing classes to people who are current foster parents or are interested in becoming foster parents. $25,000 was raised for the organization through Soup’s On, and it has been used to support foster family events as well as holiday events and extracurricular activities for the children. In the future, the organization will continue to educate foster families of Yolo County and hopes to expand its services. 

Kids Farmer’s Market
The Yolo County Kids Farmer’s Market was a beneficiary of Soups On in 2013. The Kids Farmer’s Market allows young students to “shop” a weekly farmer’s market for fifteen pounds of fresh produce a week, using funny money that is provided to them. Along with their produce, students receive a recipe and nutrition information. The program was piloted in 2012, and through Soup’s On was able to expand to serve two schools in Winters for the 2013-2014 academic year, in addition to their other three locations. The Kids Farmer’s Market  now incorporates locally sourced produce into their markets, and have begun a “Meet Your Farmer” initiative to teach students more about where their food comes from. They hope to grow the program to additional sites in the future. 

By: Taylor Cunningham
      Second-year International Relations major at UC Davis

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March Letter from Don

Dear Friends         

     If you attended my 10th Annual Soup's On event this past January 30th then you know what a huge success it was. We all enjoyed music from Calvin Handy and the Jazz Patrol and the delicious food and drink donated by Yolo County businesses. The kids had way too much fun eating pizza and playing in the kids room. It was a delightful evening of food and fun!

     Many thanks to St. James Parish for hosting us, to all those that came out to support this wonderful event and to our generous donors and sponsors. With your help and dedication we were able to raise $30,000 for the Elderly Nutrition Program/Meals on Wheels in Yolo County! Your generosity will help this vital program continue to provide the much needed services of nutritious food and human contact that so many home bound seniors desperately need. Thank You again and I hope to see you at one of our future events!

Don Saylor

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Downtown Davis Tree-Lighting

On Thursday December 5th at 6pm Davis held its 32nd Annual Christmas Tree-lighting Ceremony. Sponsored by the Davis Food Co-op, this is one of Davis’ oldest community traditions which includes the children’s parade, the holiday tree illumination in the E Street Plaza, Santa and Mrs. Claus greeting guests, performances by local musical groups, horse- drawn carriage rides and free showings of “The Grinch” at the historic Varsity Theatre. The evening was filled with music sung by a children’s music choir that has been practicing since September, and the Davis marching band.

While the night air was crisp and laced with frost it was easy to keep warm with Peete’s and Starbucks open on either side of the event. Walking down E street you could see young children sitting on their father’s shoulders, attempting to see the stage.

Students from the Davis High School were huddled in clumps attempting to stay warm while watching the UC Davis marching band. College students were either participating in the festivities or cheering on their friends.

Often times Davis seems to be divided into sectors, high school students, UC Davis students, and families. Events like these are unique in Davis because they bring the Davis community together as one. All sectors of the community participate in the festivities and watch them together.

In the spirit of the holidays Davis becomes one single community. This is why the tree-lighting ceremony is so unique in Davis, it brings people together who would not usually interact. 

By: Danielle Brown
      Third year English major at UC Davis

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10th Annual Soup's On!

Join me for the 10th Annual 'Soup's On!' This years event will be held on January 30th, 2014 from 6:00pm-8:30pm at Saint James Parish in Davis. Enjoy delicious soups from a variety of donors and great music from Calvin Handy and the Jazz Patrol. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Elderly Nutrition Program/Meals on Wheels in Yolo County. Click here to RSVP and we look forward to seeing you on January 30th!



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District 2 Date Night in Downtown Davis

One of the things we love about Downtown Davis is the diversity of places to shop, eat and enjoy the city. Here are some of your District 2 representatives' favorite spots for date nights.

Deputy Diane Parro
Now that our sons have left home, my husband Jon and I find ourselves busier than ever and often meet downtown for a quick dinner en route to evening commitments.  This usually means that Pluto’s, Chipotle, or Crepeville is providing us with a quick, fresh meal.   However, on special occasions I love to go to Tea List.  It’s tucked behind the British telephone booth in the alley off of D Street and Jon and I both love tea.  We have had delicious salads and sandwiches for lunch and the high tea is very beautiful, delicious, and plentiful.  This is a very charming family-owned business and Nahid is extremely gracious and can tailor the menu for our vegetarian taste.  I think her custom blend of chai tea is the best around and the scones are extraordinary!

Assistant Deputy Steve Rea
Any decent date night with my wife will always center on food. After leaving the kids with Grandma, Crystal and I head to downtown Davis to enjoy some of the great places to eat. For dinner, we love to go to Café Bernardo.  Café Bernardo is inspired by the European tradition of café dining and serves a wide variety of cuisine. Our favorite dishes include the Salmon BLT and the Chicken Caesar Salad. One fun fact about the restaurant, its name is a tribute to one of the owner’s dogs.

After dinner, Crystal and I look to satisfy our sweet-tooth with frozen yogurt from Pinkberry. Nestled by Whole-Foods, Pinkberry offers multiple options from indulgent sweet treats to healthy Greek yogurt shakes. The fruit offered at Pinkberry always tastes good to us and we especially appreciate the calorie counts on all the foods.  

Supervisor Don Saylor
Julie and I enjoy taking in a movie at the Varsity and just strolling around afterwards.   I always enjoy the Art Deco touches to the restored movie house and think fondly of the reopening a few years  back when I was a member of the Davis City Council.  We also love meeting friends for dinner downtown.  There are so many good spots to choose from; it sort of depends on the occasion. 

I love Tucos for a quiet dinner or appetizers,  Seasons for a meeting, Zen Toro for authentic Japanese food and Tres Hermanas for Mexican food. Or zip over to Monticello Seasonal Cuisine for local treats. Hard to go wrong.  Wherever we go, we like to walk around afterwards, stop for dessert somewhere or maybe just window shop and enjoy the murals and other public art.  A great time to go downtown is the Second Friday of the Month.  We love strolling from place to place hearing live music and viewing the newest creations of local artists at the Second Friday Art Abouts.  

I also love the live music in downtown.  During much of the year we can enjoy outdoor musicians at several of the restaurants and at the E Street Plaza.  And finally, don’t forget the Picnic Day Parade and the many special events all year round. Altogether, Downtown Davis is a great destination and a great place to hang out.

Visit the Downtown Davis Business Association here!

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Meals on Wheels

For the 2014 Soup’s On event, Don has chosen to support Meals on Wheels, a national organization that delivers meals to senior citizens in need.

In 2003, Don brought soup to an ill friend, and from there the idea of Soup’s On was born. It has grown from a simple act of kindness into a community event that brings people together to enjoy soup, music, and their community. All of the proceeds from the program go towards supporting a non-profit organization of Don’s choice. 

The recipient of this year’s Soup’s On proceeds, Meals on Wheels, has faced shutdowns in other areas due to budget cuts. Nationwide, many chapters of Meals on Wheels have cut down on the number of meals that they serve, and have been forced to restrict the number of seniors that they can help. Meals on Wheels provides services throughout Yolo County. 

Nearly one in six seniors is threatened by hunger, according to the Meals on Wheels website. Don hopes that by supporting Meals on Wheels in this years Soup’s On event, donations raised will allow the organization to continue its service to the senior population.  

By: Taylor Cunningham
      Second-year International Relations major at UC Davis

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Downtown Davis During the Holidays

Downtown Davis had much to offer during the month of December.  Their "Light Up the Holiday" promotions helped put Yolo County residents in good spirits as they enjoyed the company of friends and family this Holiday season. Here are just a couple of things that happened in downtown Davis.

Davis Downtown Window Decorating Contest
Folks started the Holidays with a visit to one of the thirty-four businesses that participated in the 2nd Annual Davis Downtown Window Decorating Contest. All were able to enjoy the brightly decorated windows as they shopped and walked through downtown Davis. A secret panel of judges will select the top three businesses that best captured the Holiday spirit. A complete listing of participating businesses can be found here and the results of the contest can be found here. Despite the contest being over, the community is still invited to tour downtown Davis and visit participating businesses all through Christmas Day. 


12 Days of Downtown Davis
The Downtown Davis Business Association encouraged residents to 'Think Local and Shop Small' with the 12 Days of Downtown Davis promotion that took place earlier this month.  Participating businesses are commemorated the season with special offers and longer store hours. Promotions took place from December 1 through December 12. Visit the Davis Downtown website to see who participated. 

By: Stewart Savage
       Director, Davis Downtown Business Association


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